Center of

Politeknik Ungku Omar generally has 2 main COTs that are recognized at the JPPKK level, namely:

The Center of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (CARe-JKM) – under The Department of Mechanical Engineering, and The Department of Civil Engineering

Other COTs at PUO are:

Center of Robotic Electric Electronic Technology (CTREE-JKE) – under The Department of Electrical Engineering.

Center of Mobile Computing Technology (CMCT-JTMK) – under the Department of Information Technology and Communication.

Sains Technology Engineering Mathematic (STEM-JMSK) – under The Department of Mathematics, Science and Computer.

Center of Entrepreneurship Wealth Generation (CEWG-JP) – under The Department of Commerce, and

Center of Green Technology Sustainable City (GTSC-JKA) – under the Department of Civil Engineering.

Each COT, especially the COT recognized by the JPPKK, must achieve a KPI target of at least 80% for all elements, including research and innovation, teaching and learning, expert services, collaboration, publication, recognition and income.

Therefore, every implementation of COT activities requires close monitoring by the Technology Development Officer to ensure that each COT achieves the set targets.

COT also functions as a reference center in the field of propulsion that provides benefits and well-being to the community, society and related industries.

In general, COT Polytechnic Ungku Omar is a center that consolidates the knowledge, expertise and skills possessed by polytechnics in certain fields of endeavor as well as developing knowledge, sharing expertise and best practices through strategic collaboration with the industry, public and academic sectors in order to produce a maximum impact on excellence organizations and polytechnic graduates.