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The Psychological Management Unit (UPPsi) is a student support unit at Ungku Omar Polytechnic (PUO) in providing psychological services, counseling and guidance to students and staff at PUO. UPPsi plays a role in planning and implementing psychological service activities, counseling and guidance for the development of students.

The word psychology comes from the combination of two Greek words, namely Psyche (Psycho) which means soul, spiritual or mental, and -logos (-logy) which means study. Psychology means the study of the human soul, mental or spiritual. Modern psychology can be defined as a scientific study of the psyche and human behavior. While the definition of counseling according to the Malaysian Board of Counselors (1998) is a systematic process to help relationships based on psychological principles implemented by professional counselors (registered according to the counseling ethics code) to achieve a holistic, good and voluntary change, progress and adjustment in oneself client so that change, progress and adaptation will continue throughout the client’s life. Guidance is a process to help individuals understand themselves and the world around them so that they can use their abilities, capabilities and talents to the fullest (Suradi, 1997).

The implementation of psychological services, counseling and guidance of UPPsi, PUO includes four intervention approaches, namely development intervention, preventive intervention, rehabilitation intervention and crisis intervention.

i)Development Interventions
Development interventions are more focused on identifying the skills, potential and experience needed to promote self-improvement and success in life. Among them are such as soft skills, motivational programs, self-management, career development and so on.

ii)Preventive Interventions
Preventive Intervention is an awareness and sensitivity program or activity that is implemented before problems appear, such as, psycho-educational programs, mental health management, drug abuse prevention, personal health, sexuality, crime awareness, alcohol and so on.

iii)Rehabilitation Intervention
Rehabilitation interventions are more focused on identified deficiencies. Solutions are proposed or implemented to avoid crisis situations or potential can be advanced such as the implementation of counseling sessions, psychotherapy, guidance programs towards change and methods of treatment and psychological rehabilitation and others.

iv)Crisis Intervention
Crisis intervention is a reaction to a critical situation or loss of self-control and requires immediate attention. The Psychology Officer plays the role of a negotiator or mediator to ease the crisis situation.

To be a unit capable of providing psychological support, counseling and guidance in the process of producing positive and dynamic graduates from a cognitive, affective, social and physical point of view in line with Industry 4.0 and to create a balanced human capital development.

Providing psychological intervention services, counseling and guidance for cognitive, affective and behavioral development as well as accountability to self, religion, family, society and country.

• Implementing interventions and activities for cognitive affective development and positive behavior.
• Providing psychological services, counseling and guidance for the psychological and social wellbeing of institutional citizens.
• Disclosure of a sense of responsibility towards acceptance and social influence.


Individual Guidance and Counseling.

Group Guidance and Counseling.



Art Therapy

Psychometric Test

Psychological Programme (Development, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Crisis Intervention)

There are two Psychology Officers who are in charge of performing psychological services, counseling and guidance and are assisted by six Departmental Psychology Coordinators in six Academic Departments in their respective departments.

Psychology Management Unit provides services based on two methods:

1) Attend Voluntarily
Attend the UPPsi office voluntarily and arrange an appointment from the Psychology Officer. Apart from that, you can also contact the Psychology Officer via office phone or email.

2)Referred by Department or Unit
Departments or Units that need to refer students or staff can make referrals either through the Head of Department (HOD), Head of Unit (HOU), Department Psychology Coordinator, Academic Coordinator, lecturer of the student involved or Officer in the relevant Department.

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