This programme is designed to equip students with knowledge, skills, attitude and understanding of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The knowledge and skills acquired will be useful for success in pursuing undergraduate studies. Students of this programme also are exposed to practical work, presentations, project implementation, as well as soft skills activities that help develop collaborative, communication and thinking skills.


This programme is preparatory for students to pursue undergraduate study at Malaysian Technical University Network (MTUN) as well as polytechnic institutions.


SPM Graduate

  1. Malaysian
  2. Have SPM or equivalent
  3. Pass History (SPM 2013 and above)
  4. Pass English
  5. Get FIVE (5) honors in the following subjects:
    1. Malay
    2. Mathematics
    3. Additional Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Engineering Drawing/Civil Engineering Studies/Electrical and Electronic Engineering Studies/Mechanical Engineering Studies/Science
    4. TWO (2) other subjects
  6. Candidate do not have visual (blind, color-blind), hearing, speech, physical or learning disabilities that make practical work difficult.