The Department of Mathematics, Science and Computer

Politeknik Ungku Omar, 

Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi, 

31400 Ipoh, Perak.

05 – 545 7622 | 05 – 545 7260 

05 – 547 1162


Is an academic support department in PUO. This department is led by a Head of Department, assisted by 3 unit heads from Mathematics, Science and Computer Units. This department consist of 38 lecturers from multiple academic backgrounds from various tertiary education institutions. The department is also assisted by a lab assistant and an engineering assistant.
In general, JMSK is not offering any of its own programme but provides other core courses for the main department. JMSK is delivering a systematic teaching and learning in Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Science and Computer Application. These courses are offered to diploma and degree students involving mechanical, electrical, Information Technology, and Communication, Civil, Marine and Commerce Departments. JMSK is equipped with classroom, science labs and computer labs to enhance the knowledge of students practically and theoretically.
JMSK is known as the center of technology (COT) for STEM in PUO.
Teaching and learning in JMSK always complies and in line with the establishment of COT, therefore JMSK is applying the following steps as follows:
• Practicing STEM continuously to all students and target groups.
• Seriously help in the process of preparation and readiness of students towards industrial revolution 4.0 for polytechnic and school students.
• Establish a strategic collaborative relationship with the main industry in Malaysia in the field of STEM propulsion to ensure dominance in this field in a relevant manner.
Among the activities implemented in 2022 are National STEM Innovation Carnival (NSInC), Smart Fertigation System (SFS) Project Competition 2022, STEM Challenge 2.0, Collaboration with PLPGA for Asset Monitoring System (AMS), Kangaroo Math Competition, STEM BOT Workshop, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “Young Inventors” and activity with Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd.