Center of Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Politeknik Ungku Omar, 

Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi, 

31400 Ipoh, Perak.

05 – 545 7622 | 05 – 545 7260 

05 – 547 1162


Quality Management serves as a tool for organizations to ensure that the ‘products’ and services they offer have consistent quality. The scope is inclusive of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Quality Planning, and they evolve not just only on the end product quality, but also on the ‘journey’ and means to achieve it.  

While risk management is the process to identify, evaluate, and prioritize the risks in order to monitor, control, and reduce the probabilities of certain unfortunate error occurrences. 

It helps organizations to come out with informed decisions based on the risks identified and keep the quality quotient of the products or services intact, maintaining good rapport with all parties involved, while reducing or eliminating non-conformances.

Merging both thus creating a governing blanket in maintaining institution’s top-north service and performance.  


Being unique, different from other Malaysian Polytechnics, The Center of Quality Assurance and Risk Management (CQARM) is established at PUO since 2018 as the epicenter for all the champion think-tankers and go-getters to plan, coordinate and exercise quality assurance and accreditation activities for this excellent institution. 

The main functions of this center are to: 

  • ensure compliance with quality standards obtained through accreditation and certification
  • monitor, review and oversee the implementation of work procedures that affect quality
  • monitor the achievement of strategic targets and key performance indicators
  • advise and recommend to top management on risk management and continuous quality improvement
  • be the information center for the quality assurance, accreditation and certification