Center of Entrepreneurship

Politeknik Ungku Omar, 

Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi, 

31400 Ipoh, Perak.

05 – 545 7622 | 05 – 545 7260 

05 – 547 1162


The field of entrepreneurship at Polytechnic Ungku Omar (PUO) is one of the branches of additional skill-based education that is planned with various programs in the form of entrepreneurial activities. The PUO Entrepreneurship Center led by a central head, in addition to 15 committee members is responsible for providing various programs such as courses, seminars, workshops and competitions focusing on entrepreneurship as a platform to attract students’ interest in entrepreneurship. Adhering to the slogan “entrepreneurs are not born but formed” makes PUO’s aspiration to produce famous national entrepreneurs to be achieved in tandem with the empowerment of entrepreneurship education in facing IR 4.0.